Sports Mouthguard for children and adolescents

Your child loves to move and pursue his sport? In this situation, too, your orthodontics Mainz would like to support the healthy tooth development of your child and therefore create an individual protection for your child in our own laboratory). So, protected, your child can show teeth in every sport and also run risky maneuvers with a smile. And also, you can watch your child with a quiet smile at his sport, without having to worry about his dental health. We would be pleased to advise you about the sports mouthguard in our practice in Mainz.

Cost planning

After we have developed the individual treatment concept of your child, we create the health and cost plan for your health insurance. As a rule, this carries most orthodontic treatment costs up to the age of eighteen, so that there is a demonstrable defect.

In order to provide your child with a comprehensive and individual treatment, our treatment plan for your child, in consultation with you, may also include procedures which are not supported by your health insurance and which may result in additional payments. We will of course discuss this with you in advance and will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the costs absorption and the financing during a personal discussion in our practice Brand Orthodontics in Mainz.