Invisalign & CAS

Your orthodontist Mainz knows that for our adult patients, the decision for or against a fixed clasp is often also strongly influenced by aesthetic aspects. While we are advocating their use from an orthodontic perspective, we are afraid of some patients because of their impairment in professional or private life. We offer these people a special alternative in Your orthodontics Mainz: the almost invisible clasp, which uses the most modern technology to efficiently and discreetly implement your desired tooth correction.

For this purpose, your orthodontist Doris Stanchev is certified for the use of various orthodontic systems. For this purpose, we use digital technologies to draw up a three-dimensional representation of your maxillary canal anatomy and use it to plan your almost invisible braces. At the same time, your orthodontist Mainz can virtually simulate the course and outcome of your orthodontic therapy before the start of treatment. Thus, we produce tailormade, transparent plastic rails for you in our own laboratory. These are worn over a fixed period of time and then exchanged against the next rails. In this way, by consistently carrying the rails, you can gradually correct your desired defect correction and achieve your goal in a gentle way. We will of course review your treatment schedule within the scope of regular control appointments in your Brand Orthodontics Mainz.

Cost planning

Your orthodontist Mainz does not only support you with your orthodontic therapy, but also regarding cost planning and financing. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurances usually do not provide orthodontic services for adults, while in the case of private supplementary insurance the specific ones to our performance catalog and the fee-based allowance are provided and help in the clarification of all relevant points. Thereby, we advise you confidently and discreetly.