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Brand Orthodontics – Your modern orthodontist in Mainz for the whole family

Welcome to Brand Orthodontics! We are sensitive, experienced and highly qualified to ensure your well-being with aesthetically beautiful and healthy teeth. We are versed in modern orthodontic treatment for adults with invisible braces – Invisalign –, jaw joint diseases and anti-snoring-therapies as well as gentle and holistic treatment for children.

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Orthodontist Desislava Stanchev
Brand Orthodontics

In our Brand Orthodontics practice, located in the middle of the old town of Mainz, you and the needs-based treatment are our major focus! We – orthodontist Desislava Stanchev & our practice team – treat each of our patients comprehensively as an individual, with an individual tooth position and jaw position, coupled with addressing with individual concerns and expectations. We’ll go into that! We opt for a personal, friendly and trusting atmosphere in which quality and education find their time to ensure the best possible orthodontic success.

Orthodontist Desislava Stanchev explains the jaw joint to an elderly man

Functional Orthodontics

For a strong bite and a healthy chewing organ, we need a functionally healthy jaw joint. We treat TMJ diseases!

Teenager (girl) with braces

For parents

To ensure that your child is always happy to visit us, there is a large portion of time and perceptions for our smallest patients, as well as an age-appropriate care with modern and gentle treatment methods.

Laughing adult woman with braces

For adults

Innovative treatment methods and braces for your most beautiful smile! For our adult patients, we always find esthetic and comfortable orthodontic solutions as Invisalign or lingual braces.

From orthodontic care to old age care

Beautiful and healthy teeth are not an age question! Regardless of whether your child’s teeth need support during the growth phase, the teeth are positioned irregularly, a temporomandibular joint disorder or a dysgnathia requires careful correction, corrective measures support tooth preservation from the age of 50+ or you need medical support with anti-snoring therapies – we are committed to your dental health with a comprehensive approach! With the use of forward-looking digital processes and modern treatment methods, we can offer you a wide range of tooth and jaw prophylactic, maintaining, correcting, and aesthetic dental care. Find out more about our orthodontics offer for children or our orthodontics offer for adults in Mainz.

Brand Orthodontics – Conscious Orthodontics In the heart of Mainz 

  • Delicate and comprehensive treatment concepts
  • For radiant aesthetics & health as our most valuable asset
  • For children & adults of all ages
  • Best possible diagnosis using digital technology
  • Digital, low-radiation X-ray scanning
  • Modern methods like Invisalign & invisible braces
  • Treating TMD & TMJ disorders
  • Dysgnathia treatment
  • Anti-snoring splint for snoring & sleep apnea
  • Needs-based therapeutic measures
  • Uncomplicated & pleasant treatment experience
  • Comprehensive advice and support