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The practice rooms are bright and friendly furnished and equipped with the latest technology. Among other things, Brand Orthodontics is one of the few orthodontic practices already with an intraoral 3D jaw scanner working. This is used to plan and customize a custom-fit braces. Instead of unpleasant silicone prints and elaborate plaster models, the patient’s jaw is scanned at 6,000 frames per second using a scanner handpiece. This creates a digital, three-dimensional representation of the tooth arrangement. Using a 3D model, the orthodontist can then clearly explain the patient’s malalignment and the expected result after treatment.

Revolutionary digital technology

Revolutionary digital technology opens up new worlds in orthodontics – now with Brand Orthodontics in Mainz with the new 3D jaw scanner Experience more comfort and precision!

With the development of the intra-oral 3D scanner, unpleasant silicone impressions and elaborate plaster models in the run-up to a splint therapy are largely a thing of the past: Brand Orthodontics, your practice for orthodontics in Mainz, already uses this innovative future technology for high-precision results and a pleasant treatment experience.

Temporomandibular Joint & Headache Therapy

Our Partnership

Since 2017 our teamwork, specializing in temporomandibulaire joint disease (CMD-craniomandibular dysfunction), has been expanding in the partnership with Physiotherapy Florian Gündel – holistic treatment in all the areas of physiotherapy. The complexity of diagnosis and treatment of the craniomandibular dysfunction requires a holistic approach, consisting of an interdisciplinary collaboration of experts in this field.


Interdisciplinary practice
Holistic treatment in all the areas of physiotherapy.

Brand Orthodontics is 1 year old!

On 09.11.2017 we celebrated our first birthday!

We thank our patients and colleagues for the trust and the successful start of orthodontics Am Brand!
The year has brought us many challenges, we have learned a lot from it and we have done a great job for the best quality of treatment.
The happy patient faces make us stronger and we continue to invest this power for your enthusiasm and satisfaction!

We look forward to you!

The team of Brand Orthodontics

For our patients, who use the car park ” Am Brand ”, we now offer free parking for one hour.

Upon presentation of the parking ticket of the parking garage ” Am Brand ” we can give you a cash value card in the amount of 2.00 € per practice visit. Please ask at the reception of the practice! Many Thanks!