Smiling teenage girl showing her aligners

Invisalign & Aligners for Teenagers

For children and teenagers who want a discreet, inconspicuous tooth misalignment correction, aligners are the clear favorites from the orthodontic correction methods of the new orthodontic generation!

Aligners are transparent plastic trays that are inserted and removed by children & teenagers themselves. They are wafer-thin and comfortable to wear, gentle on teeth and, above all, aligners are virtually invisible. The world’s best-known aligner system is Invisalign, which has developed its own line “Invisalign Teen” for teenagers, specifically addressing the needs of adolescents.

At Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, we specialize in Invisalign as well as other aligners systems and are certified for these in Mainz. Furthermore, orthodontist Desislava Stanchev also offers her own splint systems for minor corrections.

invisalign aligners

Invisalign for children at Brand Orthodontics

Invisalign is a modern orthodontic teeth misalignment correction method consisting of several plastic trays. Each splint or aligner represents a phase of the tooth misalignment correction. Until the treatment is completed, the children and teenagers receive several custom-made splints made individually for them. Each of the aligners is then worn for approximately two weeks (for 20 hours a day each) until it is replaced with a new one – for the next treatment phase. Control appointments in our Mainz practice take place at approximately six-week intervals.

Invisalign is suitable for responsible teenagers. The fact that aligners can be removed makes them tempting to “forget” in some situations. Invisalign has responded to this particularity and supports young people in their wearing time with a blue indicator that proves the wearing time. Also a plus is the Invisalign app, which caters to the desire of “sharing” and motivates teens. Nevertheless, the willingness of the children and adolescents to participate remains decisive for the treatment success of this method!

Invisalign is the first orthodontic system that was based on modern, digital technologies from the very beginning, and it has been very successful. Even the impression (scan), in which the personal tooth position and jaw anatomy of the child is recorded, runs digitally. Especially for sensitive children, this simple form of impression taking is a definite step forward! Following the scan, the results are displayed in the 3D model. With the help of this, the orthodontist can display and explain the course and result of the orthodontic treatment on the screen to children and parents even before the treatment begins. Then, once we have created your child’s individual treatment plan, Invisalign will make for us the personal aligners set for your child, and we will start the treatment together with the teenagers and parents!

Advantages of Invisalign for children & adolescents

  • Discreet tooth misalignment correction
  • Removable plastic splints (aligners)
  • Suitable for light & medium corrections in children
  • Top in aesthetics & handling
  • Promptly visible successes
  • 3D simulation as preview
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Particularly gentle on teeth
  • Nickel free
  • Eating & oral hygiene “without braces” possible
  • Invisalign for children with wearing time indicator
  • With complementary motivational app “My Invisalign App

Cost planning

The costs of Invisalign treatment for children are now covered by some private health insurance companies. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover aligners treatment. Our Mainz practice team at Brand Orthodontics will be happy to assist you with all relevant questions during treatment and financing.atment costs up to the age of eighteen, so that there is a demonstrable defect.