Invisalign & CAS for children and adolescents

We take your child seriously with all his wishes and requirements and therefore we would like to take it seriously as a newcomer in his needs. For this reason, your orthodontics Mainz offers special, almost invisible orthodontic appliances, such as the Invisalign® or Clear- Aligner®- System, which combine our technical requirements with the aesthetic wishes of your child.

The almost invisible clasp allows an effective and at the same time discrete correction of the tooth position and thus also strengthens it in this sensitive life phase by showing his most beautiful smile during the orthodontic treatment. The combination of aesthetics and functionality with state-of-the-art digital technologies is used to create a three-dimensional jaw model for your child in your orthodontics Mainz. In our in-house practice laboratory, the toothed rails are made of transparent plastic for your child. This will be carried out by your child for a fixed period of time, to be replaced by the next rail, thus gradually advancing the tooth movement step by step until the desired position is reached.

In doing so, the rails do not interfere with speaking or eating and can be easily removed for this and for dental care at any time. We will be glad to answer all your questions regarding the application of the almost invisible clip to you and your child during a personal consultation in your Brand Orthodontics Mainz.

Cost planning

After we have developed the individual treatment concept of your child, we create the health and cost plan for your health insurance. As a rule, this carries most orthodontic treatment costs up to the age of eighteen, so that there is a demonstrable defect.

In order to provide your child with a comprehensive and individual treatment, our treatment plan for your child, in consultation with you, may also include procedures which are not supported by your health insurance and which may result in additional payments. We will of course discuss this with you in advance and will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the costs absorption and the financing during a personal discussion in our practice Brand Orthodontics in Mainz.