Three laughing children with braces

Orthodontics for children and teenagers

Gentle and modern orthodontics for children and teenagers – from the classic removable braces for healthy tooth and jaw development to fixed braces to (partially) invisible solutions to the final stabilization of treatment success – Brand Orthodontics offers you as parents the entire spectrum from modern orthodontics and even more: Our entire team pays great attention to a very compassionate and gentle treatment, especially for children!

Preventive care & your first appointment with a pediatric orthodontist

Timely treatments and good prophylaxis in children’s orthodontics promote healthy and natural tooth development. The earlier that dental and jaw problems are detected and treated, the easier it is to avoid possible physical consequences! It is important for you as parents to know that orthodontic treatments do not only affect the teeth and jaws, but have a holistic effect on the entire body (holistic orthodontics). This makes the early detection and treatment of malocclusions in children all the more important for our Brand Orthodontics team in Mainz.

When should you take your child to the orthodontist? We recommend that parents make their first preventive appointment with an orthodontist when their children are 6 years old. Often, possible abnormalities are revealed straight away during the examination by the pediatrician or dentist. These include, for example, crowding, missing teeth, delayed tooth change, overbite, underbite or crossbite. However, you can also make your own appointment with an orthodontist for preventive care for children.

How do orthodontic abnormalities occur? The causes of maldevelopment of the teeth and jaws are manifold. They can be genetic or congenital (such as open bite and cleft lip and palate) or caused by so-called “habits” such as mouth breathing (instead of the healthier nasal breathing), an incorrect swallowing pattern, using pacifiers for too long, or thumb sucking (overbite). However, an incorrect diet (sugary foods) and poor dental hygiene also have a negative impact on children’s dental development.

How we support children & parents

  • We offer weaning aids for habits (thumb sucking & the like)
  • We monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and jaws
  • We direct (if necessary) the growth into healthy positions
  • We help teeth (if necessary) to erupt during the change of teeth
  • We guide permanent teeth into the correct position
  • We give tips on proper dental care (with & without braces)

Children’s orthodontics – individual, needs-based & sensitive

Nothing that would be superfluous, but everything that is necessary for natural healthy growth! Careful and sensitive medical diagnosis is always the first step of screening. We use this as a basis for developing a personalized treatment plan for your child. At Brand Orthodontics, we value open communication with you and your child or our teen patients. All of our therapeutic measures are developed according to your needs and always carried out in consultation with you and your child!

Trust is an important foundation for good medical outcomes. However, in our opinion, you and your child will not be able to place your trust in us until we explain why we recommend which method, and parents and children are involved in our treatment concepts. We want our young patients to come to our practice in Mainz relaxed and curious instead of anxious. We achieve this with sensitivity, caring child-oriented attention, a great deal of empathy and gentle treatment methods.