Lingual retainer in a girl's mouth

Retainers for children & teenagers

With a strong posture into a healthy future: Once the braces period is over and the desired orthodontic result has been achieved, the aim is to maintain the result in the long term by means of retainers (retention phase).

Without stabilization at the end of treatment, all of your child’s efforts, as well as our efforts too, would have been for naught! Teeth only grow into their “new environment” over time. By nature, they would slowly move back to their original position, especially in the early years.

In general, orthodontists distinguish between a removable retainer (plastic splint) and a fixed retainer (a very fine wire bonded to the inside of the tooth).

retainer for kids

Retainers at Brand Orthodontics

The fixed retainer is the most commonly used retainer for tooth stabilization throughout Germany, and we also care for our young patients with the fixed retainer in our orthodontics practice in Mainz. The fixed retainer has many advantages: Due to its permanent attachment, it stabilizes the teeth 24 hours a day. Children do not have to think about its use (which is often the challenge with removable retainers). The retainer consists of a very fine wire made of stainless steel or gold alloy, which is attached lingually (on the inside of the tooth) and is therefore gentle on the teeth. It cannot be seen from the outside. It can also not be felt after a short acclimatization period, so that children can talk with it in, without restrictions, can eat anything or make music. The fixed retainer usually remains in place for many years.

We use a removable retainer if the jaw shape should also be stabilized after extensive correction. In what was previously a complex treatment, we thus keep teeth and jaws doubly stable in their new position. Plastic splints are usually only used as a supplement for a few months.

Cost planning

At Brand Orthodontics, we include the retainer in the cost planning right from the start, so that you, as parents, know from the beginning which part of the treatment will be covered by your health insurance. Retainers for children and teenagers are only covered to a limited extent by the statutory health insurance. Fixed retainers are usually considered a private service. In exceptional cases, they are only reimbursed in the mandibular region for a crowding which is grade 3 or more. Removable retainers are reimbursed by statutory health insurance for up to two years and only if medically necessary.