Sporty kids with braces and aligners

Professional sports mouthguards for kids

Sport makes you strong! Sport for children is good in every aspect – it strengthens the immune system, promotes the motoric and cognitive development, it relaxes, helps build self-confidence, and what is almost the best thing for parents: when your child runs up to you with red cheeks, with bright eyes and full of energy after a sport training. Sport is healthy and makes you happy!

sports mouthguards for kids

Solid tooth protection

To ensure that your kid gets through big and small sport accidents without hitting a tooth, we recommend an individual tooth protection for specific types of sport. The dental sports mouthguard can minimize or fully prevent the severity of a dental injury and even lower impacts that – without protection – could cause a concussion.

What is important in terms of kids‘ teeth protection is an optimal fitting, strong support, optimal cushioning and optimal redistribution of forces on the teeth. In addition to this, the protection should be adjusted from time to time. Jaw and teeth are in a phase of growth during childhood – what fits perfectly today can be less optimal support a few months later. For our kids with dental braces, we also adapt the dental sport protection in regular intervals. Teenager who wear the Invisalign aligners to correct misalignments of the teeth should take their aligners out during sports and replace it with the professional dental guard.

At Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, we make the teeth protection individually for your kid in the laboratory of our own practice. We use bio compatible synthetics for our dental sport protection. The dental protection guards provide optimal cushioning and optimal redistribution of forces on the teeth. They don‘t impair the breathing, they are comfortable to wear and easy to handle and to care for.

Sport types that require tooth protection

Wether for training or leasure – the tooth protection always gives you extra safety. A sports mouthguard should be used especially for sport types like inline skating, skateboarding, rugby, all types of combat sports, football, basketball, handball and water polo, horse riding as well as hockey and ice hockey.

Cost planning

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurances don‘t cover the costs for the teeth protection guard. Some private insurances or private complementary insurances cover a part of the costs, when this has been priorly discussed and approved. Our Brand Orthodontics Team will support in every way if you have any questions about the cost coverage by your health insurance.