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As an orthodontics with holistic treatment demands consider, Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, tooth position and mandible abnormalities in a comprehensive context, because one orthodontic treatment also has a positive effect on the mouth and general health: straight aligned teeth are easier to clean, which helps in caries and periodontal disease prevention. In addition, we have had the experience that the correction of tooth/teeth- or misalignment of the jaws often also have a positive effect on the wellbeing and thus on the quality of life of our patients. For this reason, not only does dental care matter to us, but your personal life situation. We are convinced that we can only provide you with such comprehensive and effective orthodontic therapy as this should be in harmony with all health and patient-specific factors.

This harmony is incidentally the core of each orthodontic treatment, for this aims to produce a balanced interplay of teeth in the upper and lower jaws and this create the optimal balance between function and aesthetics. To ensure that you can get a detailed image of your orthodontic treatment before your first appointment, we will provide you with detailed information on our treatment services and our patient service on the following pages. We will be pleased to answer in person any further questions you may have. We look forward to meeting you!

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Desislava Stanchev and the Practice Team

Desislava Stanchev – orthodontist

Desislava Stanchev graduated successfully in dentistry at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, class of 2010, and is currently in the promotion process. Beside her necessary scientific work, since 2011, she has also been a preparatory and assistant for orthodontics in various practices in Bingen and Simmern, as well at the universities of Tübingen and Frankfurt, where she deepened her theoretical and practical knowledge in this field. With completion of her qualification to the dentist for orthodontics, began Desislava Stanchev in 2015 her activity in this department at the ZZMK Carolinum of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt, where she has also been working since 2016 as an examiner for this discipline. As an orthodontist of passion, Desi Stanchev forms in her department and the relevant disciplines to provide her patients with individual, careful and efficient treatment according to the latest standards. Thus, she is not only certified but a qualified user of various innovative orthodontic systems such as WIN and Incognito™.

Jennifer Breuer
dental assistant

Maria Kröck
dental assistant

Dilara Colak
dental assistant

Sofia Aleksandrova

Dobrin Bojadziev
dental technologist

PD Dr. Dr. DanielaOhlendorf
(sports scientist, M.A.)