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About us – Brand Orthodontics in Mainz

We are orthodontists by passion! Our entire practice team at Brand Orthodontics are passionate about orthodontics and sharing this knowledge and expertise with you and your children is of great value to us. Our treatments in Mainz are empathetic, holistic and adapted for your individual needs. We consider the aesthetic demands of adults, and we fully understand the worries that our kids face when they walk into the orthodontist‘s practice for their first time. Therefore, we not only offer advise, but we also explain to you what we are doing and why. Each of our patients is an individual that comes with a different positioning of his or her teeth and jaw, but also with individual expectations, or even concerns at the beginning or special requirements. We take care of you!

“I don’t do my work according to nature, but rather with it.”


We would like to show you the wonderful ways orthodontics can work. An orthodontic treatment has a positive effect on the harmony of the face, it cares for a strong and healthy bit, it contributes to a healthy posture of the whole body and can heal migraine and tinnitus (in case this is caused by a misalignment of the jaw), it prevents cavities and parodontitis and supports the implantologist when there is not enough space for dental implants. One of the best things: It is never too late for an orthodontic treatment! It supports your health and aesthetics during child- as well as adulthood.

Don‘t hesitate to get further insight into our practice in Mainz. In the section „Treatments“, we present our treatment offers for kids and for adults and under „Discover our practice“, and „Videos“ you will receive a visual impression of our practice.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
Desislava Stanchev & Your Brand Orthodontics Team

orthodontist Desislava Stanchev | Brand Orthodontics Mainz

Desislava Stanchev – orthodontist

Desislava Stanchev finished her studies in dental medicine succuessfully at the „Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz“ in 2010. She successfully graduated with a degree as a specialised dentist in orthodontics (orthodontist) at the „Center of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University“ in 2015. Since 2016, Desislava Stanchev also works as an examinant herself at the Carolinum. In 2016, she also established and opened up her own practice Brand Orthodontics in Mainz. But Desislava Stanchevs passion for science continues: since 2016, she has participated in numerous seminaries and trainings for further professional development to ensure that she was always able to offer the most recent standard in scientific methods and gentle materials. Currently, Desislava Stanchev is in the doctorate procedure.

Maria | dental assistant | Brand Orthodontics Mainz

Maria Boller
dental assistant

Dilara | dental assistant | Brand Orthodontics Mainz

Dilara Colak
dental assistant

Sofia | practice manager | Brand Orthodontics Mainz

Sofia Stancheva
practice manager 

Nikola Kapitanov
reception & practice manager

PD Dr. Dr. Daniela Ohlendorf | sports scientist, M.A | Brand Orthodontics Mainz

Prof. Dr. Dr. Daniela Ohlendorf
(sports scientist, M.A.)