Boy and girl with fixed braces

Fixed braces for children & teenagers

Gently and mildly leading to healthy and beautiful teeth alignment: fixed braces are classic braces for children and teens at Brand Orthodontics, and for many reasons!

Fixed braces are very effective, for children and teenagers nowadays they are “normal” and nothing to hide (on the contrary: beautiful teeth are IN), with fixed braces the orthodontist achieves the orthodontic goal effectively, gently and efficiently and the costs are usually covered by all health insurance companies. This makes “fixed braces for children” our favorite here in Mainz in many respects.

From a holistic point of view, a lot depends on the correct position of our teeth: from our intake of food to correct speech to our head and body posture. As orthodontists, our aim is not to correct nature. We simply help nature to fully realize and develop its potential. In this sense, we support the position of the teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joints in children with fixed braces in their optimal development into a harmonious overall picture.

fixed braces

Being young is a huge advantage: When we treat tooth and jaw malocclusions in childhood, we have a decisive advantage (compared to adult treatment): Children are growing and we can influence the direction in which this growth develops! This makes it easier for us to correct malocclusions and prevent functional disorders of the masticatory muscles, or jaw anomalies.

Fixed braces at Brand Orthodontics

A fixed brace consists of brackets, which are fixed to the tooth surface with a dental adhesive, and archwires. The interaction of these two elements continuously allows precise orthodontic forces to act on the teeth and jaws, which are determined and directed by the orthodontist. In addition, we always pay attention to the optimal positioning of the temporomandibular joints during orthodontic treatment. Only when the teeth, jaws and temporomandibular joints are set in their optimal position, can we give your child “that health extra” with orthodontics that we want for your child.

In our practice’s own laboratory in Mainz, we use high-quality materials and adapt the fixed braces to the personal needs of children and teenagers. There is no such thing as THE fixed brace, just as there is no such thing as THE bracket. There are several treatment options to choose from, which we discuss with parents and children beforehand.

Advantages of fixed braces

  • Decades of proven technology & mode of action
  • Top precise results
  • Powerful ability
  • Also suitable for complex treatments for children
  • Modern materials and bracket sizes to choose from
  • Mostly assumption of costs by all health insurance companies

And if teenagers simply don’t want to wear visible braces? Then, in our practice, we still have the option of correcting teeth with removable, nearly invisible Invisalign aligners.

Oral hygiene during the braces period

Teeth also want a feel-good atmosphere! Particularly with fixed braces, daily oral hygiene should be performed with special care. Since food residues like to collect on the brackets, we recommend brushing your teeth after every meal! We will show your child how dental care with braces works beforehand in our practice. Do something good for your teeth with professional teeth cleanings and dental fluoridation. Regular prophylaxis appointments with your dentist are another valuable contribution to dental health during the braces period.

Cost planning for parents

After we have developed your child’s individual treatment plan, we prepare the treatment and cost plan for your health insurance company. As a rule, the latter bears the majority of orthodontic treatment costs for children and teenagers up to the age of 18, from a malposition of KIG (Orthodontic Indication Group) level 3.

Furthermore, our treatment proposal may include recommendations that may result in additional costs or, at your request, we may consider aesthetic brackets that will also result in additional costs. It is important for you to know that all costs will be agreed with you beforehand and you will not have any surprises.