Sports Mouthguard

Do you love sports and exercise? We also want to help our patients with a sporting hobby to reconcile their dental health with their lifestyle. That is why we offer you a special sport mouthguard, which is custom-made for you in our own laboratory . Also, show your most beautiful smile during sports and be soothed, because your teeth are protected. You can get detailed information on this topic directly at our orthodontics practice in Mainz.

Cost planning

Your orthodontist Mainz does not only support you with your orthodontic therapy, but also regarding cost planning and financing. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurances usually do not provide orthodontic services for adults, while in the case of private supplementary insurance the specific ones to our performance catalog and the fee-based allowance are provided and help in the clarification of all relevant points. Thereby, we advise you confidently and discreetly.