Cool, sporty man with a mouthguard

Individual sports mouthguard for adults

Safe and protected in sports! For our competitive and amateur athletes in Mainz, we at Brand Orthodontics manufacture strong, individual, and custom-fit sports mouthguards.

The professional sports mouthguard can minimize or fully prevent dental injury severity. An optimal fit, adequate cushioning, and optimal pressure distribution are essential in ensuring efficient protection. We pay particular attention to this during production in our own practice laboratory.

Our custom-made sports protective splints made of plastic offer a high level of protection and ensure a good fixation. Custom-made approach makes these comfortable to wear and avoid impaired breathing. The plastic used in our production is biocompatible that is easy to handle and care for.

sports mouthguard for adults

We recommend to use the professional sports mouthguard to every adult engaged in regular sports activities that can result in injuries. In particular, you should not do without it for the following sports: american football, all martial arts, soccer, basketball and handball as well as hockey and inline skating. If you wear braces, we will also check the fit of the protection as the treatment progresses and adjust it through the course of your treatment. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can easily be removed during the exercise.

Cost planning

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover the costs for the sports mouthguard. However, some private health insurance companies or private supplementary insurance companies sometimes cover part of the costs if this is discussed and approved beforehand. Our Brand Orthodontics team will also be happy to help you with any finance-related questions.