Little laughing boy with dental splint

Anti-snoring splints for kids

Kids need sleep – regenerating and uninterrupted deep sleep! While your child sleeps, the body and the soul get rest from all impressions and activities of the day, so that in the morning, he or she can have a fresh start to the new day. If snoring or even pauses in breathing (Sleep apnoea) disturb the deep sleep phase and if the snoring is caused by a misalignment of the jaw or an incorrect position of the lower jaw during sleep, orthodontics can help children reach full recovery again.

Anti-snoring splints for kids

Causes for snoring in kids

While for adults, the cause of snoring is often found in an incorrect position of the lower jaw, the reasons for snoring in kids are more various. The respiratory airways of infants are more narrow. The pharyngeal and palatal tonsils are often enlarged. Nasal polyps promote mouth breathing (instead of an healthy nose breathing). The upper jaw is too narrow. Or else the lower jaw is in a generally unhealthy position (jaw malposition) or falls into an incorrect position during the night! For children, the focus is therefore on a careful prior diagnosis in order to find out which is the cause of the snoring.

Temporary snoring sounds are common when the kid has a light cold and are no reason for concern. Only if your child snores regularly and there are significant impacts of the lack of sleep (the affected kid could be irritated, exhausted or hyperactive, lacking concentration or appetite), parents should get their kid examined by a pediatrician and an orthodontist.

Anti-snoring splint for your child

If the cause of snoring is a misalignment of the jaw (such as an underbite or overbite), a narrow upper jaw or an incorrect position of the jaw at night, our Mainz Team from Brand Orthodontontics can provide your kid relief with an orthodontic treatment.

If the cause of lies in the upper jaw of the kid, we will carry out palatal suture expansion. If there is a jaw malposition, we will treat it with fixed braces. If the jaw only falls into a position where it narrows the respiratory airway due to the relaxation of the muscles, we help your kid with a snore guard („protrusion splint“, „mandibular protrusion splint“), which – like a removable brace – is only worn at night.

A snore guard is formed of two synthetic splints (one for the upper and another one for the lower dental row) and a small connecting mechanism between the two splints.The splints for the lower jaw still leave some space for movement, but only for sideways movements. To the front, however, the splints hold the jaw firmly in a relaxed position so that no more snoring happens during the night.

Kids‘ snore splints at Brand Orthodontics

In our orthodontics practice in Mainz, we manufacture the synthetic guards individually in the laboratory of our own practice. We use healthy synthetics and we consider the exact jaw position that fits perfectly to your child, so that no tensions occur through the splint.

The snore guard is costum-made, accurately fitted, doesn‘t pinch on the gum, and doesn‘t hinder the growth of the teeth. Through regular check-up appointments we ensure comfort and successful appliance of the dental guard.

Cost planning

The statutory health insurances cover the costs of anti-snoring splints, providing that the anti-snoring splint is medically necessary, which needs to be attested by the doctor beforehand. Private health insurances and private complementary health insurances cover the costs if orthodontic anti-snore splints are included in their service package. Our Mainz practice team are glad to assist you with any questions regarding cost coverage by your health insurance.