Girl with loose braces

Removable braces for children

Removable braces for children are often a prelude to orthodontic treatment in childhood. At Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, we use removable braces for mild malocclusions in adolescents. Even more often, however, it is our tool of choice for young children of elementary school age. For example, we use them when there was a premature loss of a milk tooth and the eruption of permanent teeth is affected by the malocclusion caused by this, or more space is needed for the permanent teeth. With removable braces, orthodontics can directly influence jaw growth in childhood and adolescence and promote these in favor of healthy jaw development. Often, treatment with removable braces is followed by treatment with fixed braces.

Individually even better

Removable braces are custom-made for each child individually in our practice’s own laboratory. Consisting of a plastic plate and various screws and wires, it only develops its optimum potential with the orthodontist’s “directional specification”.

For a successful result, it is important that your child wears the braces consistently. Even though the advantage of removable, orthodontic methods is the ease of use (braces are removed for eating and dental hygiene), it really is crucial to treatment that the braces are worn the rest of the time.

loose braces

To motivate young children, our practice team will gladly make braces in your child’s favorite color or with a special motif. We will explain the handling of the loose braces to you and your child in detail and practice inserting and removing them until there are no concerns left. We will happily answer all your questions. We wish to work together with children and parents!

Cost planning for parents

After we have developed your child’s individual treatment plan, we prepare the treatment and cost plan for the health insurance company. As a rule, this insurance covers the majority of orthodontic treatment costs up to the age of 18, provided there is an orthodontic misalignment of degree 3 or higher (KIG 3).

In order to provide your child with the most comprehensive and individualized treatment possible, our treatment plan may include services that are not supported by your health insurance. If our treatment proposal includes additional costs, these will only be carried out with your agreement – there are no surprises at Brand Orthodontics!