Laughing adult woman with fixed braces

Fixed visible braces for adults

The fixed braces are the powerful all-rounder from our braces world in Mainz! With that, complex orthodontic treatments, partial treatments as well as pre-prosthetic pre-treatments are made possible.

Even if these braces are visible, the fixed traditional braces provides us with design options to optimally adjust these to your desired optical requirements. An example of this is ceramic brackets. We use premium ceramic brackets from “GC Orthodontics“, which meet high aesthetic standards!

fixed braces

What fixed braces can do

There is little these braces can’t do! With the fixed one, complex orthodontic tooth misalignment can be corrected, offering a high demand on the functionality and aesthetics in the result.

Even if many adults opt for an almost invisible correction and thus mostly Invisalign aligners (and we are one of the Invisalign specialists in Mainz), there are still tooth movements where aligners reach the limits of their performance (e.g. gap closure). There are tooth movements that can be achieved way faster and more efficiently using fixed braces. On the other hand, there are a few movements where we achieve the desired result more quickly with aligners (e.g. open bite). At Brand Orthodontics, we often apply a combined treatment with aligners and fixed braces for adults! Through the course of this partial treatment, we use the best of each method and at the same time meet the desire for aesthetics during the braces period.

Another orthodontic specialty for which we use fixed braces is pre-prosthetic treatment. During this time, the orthodontist works alongside the dentist. To place implants or attach dentures (such as a dental bridge), the neighboring teeth need to be in an optimal position. Using the fixed braces, tilted teeth can be straightened and gaps can be perfectly closed beforehand.

The fixed brace, however, not only offer tooth movement as an option. For instance, we also use them at the end of a CMD treatment, in which at this treatment stage it is important to keep the temporomandibular joint calm and relaxed in the newly achieved position.

Fixed braces are the powerful all-rounder of orthodontics and even if they are visible, many adults get enthusiastic about these when they see for the first time what this classic can do within a short time.

Advantages of visible braces

  • Braces all-rounder for adults
  • Solid performance
  • Immediately visible successes
  • Suitable for light & complex corrections
  • Commonly used as part of adult treatment
  • A classic for pre-prosthetic pre-treatment
  • Relaxing stabilizer in CMD treatment
  • High wearing comfort
  • Discreet in appearance with aesthetic brackets

Cost planning

The Brand Orthodontics team in Mainz supports you on your orthodontic path to straight teeth as well as in cost planning and finance-related questions. Unfortunately, statutory health insurance only covers adult orthodontic treatment in exceptional cases. In the case of private health insurance companies and supplementary insurance, the respective contract details are decisive. Our team will be happy to provide you with detailed information on our service catalog and help you to clarify all relevant questions.