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Anti-snoring splints for adults

Healthy deep sleep is important! It allows for full mental recovery and regeneration of the body after stressful days. But what can you do if snoring comes in the way of your recovery every night? In our practice of Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, the success rate of a treatment with an anti-snoring appliances is more than 90 %! Our team manufacture each of our anti-snoring dental splints („protrusion splint“, „mandibular protrusion splint“) individually and considers not only the comfort and the accurate fit, but also the holistic effect on the body.

snoring splint

What the anti-snoring splint does

In order to comprehend how an anti-snoring splint for adults works, you first need to understand what happens during sleep. The body relaxes during sleep and thus the muscles relax. The lower jaw drops and the tongue slips back, leaving less space between the tongue and the soft palate. If the lower jaw drops too far, the restricted air flow causes the soft palate to vibrate and the typical snoring noises occur.

Frequent snoring impairs the deep sleep phase. Sore throat, concentration problems, fatigue and irritability are the consequence, since the body does not fully recover! In some people, the airway fluxes are so constricted that the airway fluxes are closed for an instant, causing breathing stops (apnea). If this happens severals times per night, the impact on the body is so heavy that this can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

What is the effect of the anti-snoring splint?

The protrusion splint moves the lower jaw forward and holds it in this position overnight. In this way, the splint stops the tongue from slipping backwards and keeps the airways clear. Protrusion guards are made of two synthetic splints (upper teeth row, lower teeth row) and connected. They leave some space for sidewards movements, however, to the front, they hold it firmly in the position that is ideal for the lower jaw.

What we take into account at Brand Orthodontics

The anti-snore splint is individually costom-made for our adult patients. The snore guard is costum-made, accurately fitted, doesn‘t pinch on the gum and is made of healthy, high quality and bio compatible synthetic materials in the laboratory of our practice in Mainz. The patient places the anti-snoring splint on their teeth by themselves and removes them in the morning.

We also consider the holistic factors when making a diagnosis. A snoring mouth guards holds the lower jaw in a new and unaccostumed position! Like the correction of teeth misalignment has an impact on the whole body, a jaw misalignment also has significant impacts on the body.

In order to prevent tensions in the surrounding structures, we examine your masticatory system before carrying out a treatment for your snoring and consider all relevant positions of the jaw joints and the jaw itself when aligning the optimal mandibular advancement for you through the snoring splint!

Cost planning

Our team at Brand Orthodontics will answer any questions you may have concerning the cost coverage! In terms of anti-snoring splints, the regulations of the statutory health insurances have changed since 2022: If a „continuous positive airway pressure“ treatment („CPAP“/ „sleep mask“), has been unsuccessful or hasn‘t been able to be carried out for medical reasons, the statutory health insurance also covers the cost for a treatment through snoring mouth guards. Private health insurances cover the costs as long as this is included in the service packages. Our Mainz Practice team is also happy to assist you with any further clarification you may need to make with your health insurance.