Lingual retainer in the mouth of a young woman

Retainers for stabilization

The orthodontic treatment is followed by the retention phase. It’s now a matter of maintaining the achieved goal in the long run! By nature, the teeth and jaws would slowly and steadily move back to their original position. To avoid this, orthodontists use retainers to fix them in place.

Retainers at Brand Orthodontics

A general distinction is made between removable retainers (plastic splints) and fixed retainers (a very fine wire glued to the inside of the tooth).

The fixed retainer is most commonly used today, and we also provide our patients with the fixed retainer in our orthodontic practice in Mainz. This offers the advantage of maintaining the stabilizing effect 24/7 and requiring no patient involvement. In addition, it remains fully invisible from the outside and nobody cares. The wire made out of stainless steel or gold alloy is so thin that you no longer feel it after a very short period of getting used to it. This retainer therefore meets all requirements in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort!

With a removable retainer, we can also stabilize the shape of the jaw after an extensive correction and thus offer you “double” assurance that your teeth and jaw will not shift again.

Fixed retainer

Cost planning

Through our practice, we include the retainer in our cost planning right from the start. Even if the retention phase only follows the orthodontic treatment, treatment without subsequent stabilization would not make any sense. That’s why you won’t experience any orthodontic and financial surprises at Brand Orthodontics! Trustworthy advice is just as important to us as financial cost transparency.