Attractive man with lingual braces in the Brand Orthodontics practice in Mainz

Invisible lingual braces

The “Invisible” is a dental braces aesthetic for adults in Mainz. Since these brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth, the so-called “lingual braces” remain unseen by others. It therefore meets the requirement for unrestricted facial aesthetics during the treatment period! At the same time, it offers the best orthodontic treatment results, even with the case of complex corrections.

At Brand Orthodontics, we focus on adult aesthetic treatment! Orthodontist Desislava Stanchev is a certified user of lingual braces systems such as WIN. In addition, in our orthodontic practice in Mainz, we prefer to work with Invisalign, which is also an almost invisible aligners treatment system used in adults.

lingual braces for adults

What lingual braces can offer

With lingual braces almost anything is possible! Since it is one of the fixed braces, almost any tooth misalignment correction is made possible. Furthermore, treatment with the lingual method further enhances patient comfort. The diagnostics are performed using modern digital technologies. The brackets and arches are developed individually based on each patient’s personal and anatomical requirements. The customised, flat bracket design can hardly be noticed while eating or speaking. Attached to the inside of the tooth (lingual means on the side of the tongue), this braces to a hidden possibility of correction. Good to know for allergy sufferers: Lingual braces like WIN are nickel-free.

Why Invisible

Orthodontic treatment in adulthood is now more natural but not yet common. It is ultimately a personal decision whether you consciously show your braces or prefer a discreet treatment. Modern orthodontics offers us a variety of methods for light to medium corrections to achieve the same result. However, the methods differ in terms of their aesthetics, patient comfort, and treatment period. When it comes to complex tooth misalignment corrections, the best results are still achieved through the use of fixed braces. Yet even in this case you have the choice between the classic, visible braces or the invisible, lingual braces.

Advantages of lingual braces

  • Invisible tooth misalignment correction
  • Fixed braces for adults
  • Suitable for light & complex corrections
  • Enhanced aesthetics & functionality
  • Immediately visible successes
  • Optimum wearing comfort
  • Particularly tooth-friendly
  • Nickel-free
  • Puts almost no restrictions in everyday life

Cost planning

The Mainz Brand Orthodontics supports you in choosing the most suitable braces for you as well as in cost planning questions. Unfortunately, statutory health insurance companies usually do not cover orthodontic treatment for adults. In the case of private insurance and supplementary dental insurance, the specific contract details remain essential. We would be happy to help you clarify all relevant questions through our practice. Rest assured, we will advise you confidentially and discreetly.