Lingual Braces

The Lingual technique combines the advantages of traditional braces with a particularly aesthetic application and a high patient comfort. It allows an efficient but discreet correction of your tooth position. This symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality reaches your orthodontist Mainz by means of brackets, which are attached to the inner side of the tooth and are developed on the basis of a digital diagnosis and treatment. Example of this is the lingual braces system WIN, for which your orthodontist Desislava Stanchev is certified user.

For this purpose, we digitize your anatomical prerequisites in a first step, in order to be able to plan the brackets individually for you on this basis and to make them for you in our own laboratory. Adapted to the inside of the tooth, these high-quality brackets are not visible from the outside and, due to their slim design, they also minimize the amount of food or speech.

Cost planning

Your orthodontist Mainz does not only support you with your orthodontic therapy, but also regarding cost planning and financing. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurances usually do not provide orthodontic services for adults, while in the case of private supplementary insurance the specific ones to our performance catalog and the fee-based allowance are provided and help in the clarification of all relevant points. Thereby, we advise you confidently and discreetly.