Anti snoring splint

Anti-snoring splints for adults Healthy deep sleep is important! It allows for full mental recovery and regeneration of the body after stressful days. But what can you do if snoring comes in the way of your recovery every night? In our practice of Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, the success rate of a treatment with an … Read more

Sports Mouthguard

Individual sports mouthguard for adults Safe and protected in sports! For our competitive and amateur athletes in Mainz, we at Brand Orthodontics manufacture strong, individual, and custom-fit sports mouthguards. The professional sports mouthguard can minimize or fully prevent dental injury severity. An optimal fit, adequate cushioning, and optimal pressure distribution are essential in ensuring efficient … Read more

Dysgnathia Treatment

Dysgnathia surgery for adults If you have pronounced dysgnathia (jaw misalignment) as an adult, orthodontics may need to becombined with surgery to achieve healthy teeth. Our team at Brand Orthodontics in Mainzspecializes in treating dysgnathia with and without surgery. What is important to us, is a precise diagnosis and a detailed consultation, in which the … Read more

Functional Orthodontics

TMJ treatments & CMD in adults At Brand Orthodontics we offer a comprehensive thinking, examination, and treatment. A strong, healthy bite and a healthy chewing system are just as important to us as the aesthetic tooth position. After many years of experience and further training, we are one of the CMD specialists in Mainz! If … Read more

Orthodontic Retainer

Retainers for stabilization The orthodontic treatment is followed by the retention phase. It’s now a matter of maintaining the achieved goal in the long run! By nature, the teeth and jaws would slowly and steadily move back to their original position. To avoid this, orthodontists use retainers to fix them in place. Retainers at Brand … Read more

Traditional braces

Fixed visible braces for adults The fixed braces are the powerful all-rounder from our braces world in Mainz! With that, complex orthodontic treatments, partial treatments as well as pre-prosthetic pre-treatments are made possible. Even if these braces are visible, the fixed traditional braces provides us with design options to optimally adjust these to your desired … Read more


Invisalign & Aligners The transparent plastic splint (aligners) from Invisalign is removable, is wafer-thin and comfortable to wear, is gentle on the teeth and, above all, is almost invisible. This makes the Invisalign system THE aesthetic classic for adults! Many of our in Mainz patients opt for Invisalign. Brand Orthodontics is an Invisalign expert and … Read more

Lingual Braces

Invisible lingual braces The “Invisible” is a dental braces aesthetic for adults in Mainz. Since these brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth, the so-called “lingual braces” remain unseen by others. It therefore meets the requirement for unrestricted facial aesthetics during the treatment period! At the same time, it offers the best orthodontic … Read more