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Dysgnathia surgery for adults

If you have pronounced dysgnathia (jaw misalignment) as an adult, orthodontics may need to be
combined with surgery to achieve healthy teeth. Our team at Brand Orthodontics in Mainz
specializes in treating dysgnathia with and without surgery. What is important to us, is a precise diagnosis and a detailed consultation, in which the treatment options are discussed with you!

Correction of jaw misalignment with and without surgery

Not every dysgnathia case has to be treated in combination with a operation. For example, a jaw misalignment in the childhood can usually be treated very well with fixed braces. We also successfully treat slight malocclusions in adults in Mainz with fixed braces or alternatively with Invisalign aligners therapy. However, these treatment measures do not lead to the desired functional and aesthetic success, when adults suffer from a recession of the lower jaw or a overbite of the lower jaw.

When a surgical treatment becomes necessary

Dysgnathia is a malocclusion (crossbite, overbite, underbite, open bite, facial asymmetry). It can be congenital or acquired. The lower or upper jaw may protrude or recede too far. However, the result is always the same: malocclusion!

Those affected know how far-reaching the consequences of dysgnathia are. Dysgnathia makes biting and chewing difficult. They can lead to excessive strain of the jaw joints and thus to far-reaching pain (craniomandibular dysfunction). Breathing may be impaired and pronunciation incorrect. If the malocclusion is severe, it changes the facial profile and deviates from the biological “symmetry,” which places additional mental stress on many patients. And ultimately, a malocclusion also leads to a differently distributed dental load, increasing the risk of tooth loss and caries.

Dysgnathia affects the entire body! For this reason, we recommend surgery for those affected if the malocclusion cannot be treated with orthodontic measures alone. Every dysgnathia is treated orthodontically. However, the severity of the dysgnathia in adults determines whether surgery is necessary in addition to orthodontic treatment with braces and aligners.

Dysgnathia treatment in Mainz

Dysgnathia treatment aims to restore a healthy balance between the teeth, jaw joints and masticatory muscles, as well as restoring harmony to the facial profile and mental health. At Brand Orthodontics holistic treatment is particularly important to us! Thus, we make sure that you are optimally accompanied by physiotherapists or osteopaths. If necessary, we will also consult a speech therapist. But above all, we are at your side in Mainz, empathetically and professionally, every step of the way.

The dysgnathia treatment of adults is a complex treatment. It usually requires the cooperation of several specialists over a period of one and a half to two years. As an orthodontist, we make the diagnosis and give you a very personal and detailed consultation. We plan your complete treatment and involve all the necessary specialists. Along with the operation, performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, we carry out the orthodontic pre- and post-treatments (fixed braces or aligners therapy). During the follow-up, physiotherapeutic, osteopathic or logopaedic support is also provided.

Cost planning

As a rule, the costs of the dysgnathia treatment for adults are covered by the public and private health insurance. However, those with public health insurance are only entitled to services that are “sufficient, appropriate and economical; they must not exceed what is necessary.” Accordingly, additional costs are incurred that are not covered by the health insurances. Our team at Brand Orthodontics in Mainz will explain the costs to you transparently, honestly and confidentially right from the start and will of course also support you in clarifying and planning the costs.