Removable braces

Removable braces for children Removable braces for children are often a prelude to orthodontic treatment in childhood. At Brand Orthodontics in Mainz, we use removable braces for mild malocclusions in adolescents. Even more often, however, it is our tool of choice for young children of elementary school age. For example, we use them when there … Read more

Anti snoring splint

Anti-snoring splints for kids Kids need sleep – regenerating and uninterrupted deep sleep! While your child sleeps, the body and the soul get rest from all impressions and activities of the day, so that in the morning, he or she can have a fresh start to the new day. If snoring or even pauses in … Read more

Sports mouthguard

Professional sports mouthguards for kids Sport makes you strong! Sport for children is good in every aspect – it strengthens the immune system, promotes the motoric and cognitive development, it relaxes, helps build self-confidence, and what is almost the best thing for parents: when your child runs up to you with red cheeks, with bright … Read more

Orthodontic Retainers

Retainers for children & teenagers With a strong posture into a healthy future: Once the braces period is over and the desired orthodontic result has been achieved, the aim is to maintain the result in the long term by means of retainers (retention phase). Without stabilization at the end of treatment, all of your child’s … Read more


Invisalign & Aligners for Teenagers For children and teenagers who want a discreet, inconspicuous tooth misalignment correction, aligners are the clear favorites from the orthodontic correction methods of the new orthodontic generation! Aligners are transparent plastic trays that are inserted and removed by children & teenagers themselves. They are wafer-thin and comfortable to wear, gentle … Read more

Functional orthodontics

Holistic orthodontics & functional orthodontics for children In our orthodontics practice, we take a holistic view of your children’s teeth and jaw alignment! Functional orthodontics is the part of orthodontics that focuses on the functional pattern of the masticatory system, an optimal bite and its consequences on the whole body. If the interaction of the … Read more

Fixed braces

Fixed braces for children & teenagers Gently and mildly leading to healthy and beautiful teeth alignment: fixed braces are classic braces for children and teens at Brand Orthodontics, and for many reasons! Fixed braces are very effective, for children and teenagers nowadays they are “normal” and nothing to hide (on the contrary: beautiful teeth are … Read more