Sleep Apnea

No question: your child needs his night’s sleep because during this time he is recovering from the process of growing up. Snoring or a sleep apnea can severely impair this important night’s sleep and, in a more pronounced form, can also be a health problem. In accordance with our holistic treatment approach, we offer you various options for treatment of sleep apnea in your orthodontics Mainz because your child’s health is important to us.

To do this, we first determine the anatomical conditions of your child followed by selecting a suitable orthodontic appliance that will keep your child’s airways clear during sleep. Frequently special rails are used, which we produce in our in-house practice laboratory for your child. These move the lower jaw forward and thus enable easier breathing for your child.

Cost planning

After we have developed the individual treatment concept of your child, we create the health and cost plan for your health insurance. As a rule, this carries most orthodontic treatment costs up to the age of eighteen, so that there is a demonstrable defect.

In order to provide your child with a comprehensive and individual treatment, our treatment plan for your child, in consultation with you, may also include procedures which are not supported by your health insurance and which may result in additional payments. We will of course discuss this with you in advance and will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the costs absorption and the financing during a personal discussion in our practice Brand Orthodontics in Mainz.